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Colored Pencil Kits

 You may already know that I teach a number of Colored Pencil classes locally at On Top Of The World Communities in Ocala, Florida. I also conduct workshops and classes at the Florida Artists Gallery in Floral City. In addition, I hold private classes one on one in my studio. Many of my students have expressed an interest in acquiring my classroom instruction in kit form. Others, because they live farther away, or work during the times I offer the classes, have been unable to take advantage of classroom instruction, but still want the opportunity to complete a floral painting by following instructions given in written form.


Because I would like to give everyone the opportunity to explore the medium of colored pencil, no matter their situation, I’ve begun to develop some colored pencil kits. These kits will contain all the instructions necessary to complete a beautiful colored pencil painting. In addition you will find a list of the pencils required and even a sheet of paper with the flower drawn on it. All you have to do is buy the pencils and start coloring. I’m even available by email if you have any questions. I think it’s a good deal. I’m in the process of converting many of my classes, both Introductory level and Intermediate and Advanced level, to fully explanatory kits that anyone can do.

At this time I have available my Hydrangea Floral Kit and Iris Floral Kit. Others will follow as I finish them. The kits contain about 8 pages of instruction, with colored pictures and call outs that reference special points and tips. And the kits are only $10 plus $5 shipping. Items ship within 3 days

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Hydrangea Colored Pencil Kit

IMG_1891 Interm Hydrangea A1A    The Hydrangea Floral is a wonderful way to use basic colored pencil techniques to produce a painting of one of the most popular garden flowers. 

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Iris Colored Pencil Kit


If you are interested in Iris, I have a great kit for a Louisiana Iris, one of the most popular garden plants for deep south gardens. The colors are lively and bright, with pinks, lavenders and violets predominating.

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Introductory Colored Pencil Kits

If you feel a bit intimidated by the Intermediate level kits and you want to start off slower, get more of the basics, more practice techniques, and do simpler paintings, I have some kits available that I use in my Introductory Colored Pencil Classes that I teach. You’ll get more basic instruction on one and two color blending, hatching and cross hatching, and scumbling, as well as line work, to attain crisp, sharp edges. I explain when to use each of the techniques for best effect.


The following is a sample of the Introductory Kits available. All contain background information on colored pencil painting in addition to instruction and guidance on completing an easy colored pencil drawing. The background information covers brands of pencil, types and quality of paper, accessories, websites to check out, recommended books and some of online tutorials


These kits are also $10 each plus $5 shipping.

img_2531a  Daylily  



img_2264-intro-sunflower   Sunflower


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