Commissioning Artwork

On this page you’ll find information about the Commissioning Process. If you’re interested in having a painting commissioned, whether it’s a Personal Portrait, a Home and Garden Portrait, or a painting of your own special interest, you’ll find information that will help.

Commissioning a Personal Portrait
Portraits are truly personal. Only a portrait can capture the inner spirit of an individual – and it is a way to honor a special person.
The portrait process is fairly straightforward. After the initial inquiry, I’ll contact the client to work out details of the portrait, such as how the subject will be portrayed, what type of clothing is preferred, what setting and background will be included, and the size of the painting desired. Portraits can be done in pencil, colored pencil or watercolor. I’ll then set a date for a photo shoot. During that session I’ll discuss preferences of the client relative to the information received during the initial contact. I’ll photograph the subject in several different poses and settings. Before ending the session I’ll go over the photos with the client to decide on a pose. After this photo session I’ll work up a small pencil sketch of the portrait and submit it to the client along with a price quote for approval. Upon approval a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. Completion of the portrait can take from 2 to 3 months. Upon final approval and acceptance of the portrait, the balance is due.



Raine and Megan portraitPortraits can be matted and framed but in most cases clients prefer to do the framing themselves.


Portraits can also be painted from photos submitted by the client. In this case photos must be high resolution with a lot of detail.


If you are interested in having a portrait created, please call, write or complete the form on the contact page. I will be happy to discuss your needs.




Commissioning a Home and Garden or Architectural Portrait
Your home is a very personal reflection of you, of your life, your values and what you hold important. What better way to articulate those feelings than to have a meticulously executed original work of art showcasing it. Maybe your garden is especially important to you. You’ve put a great deal of thought into creating something unique and special. You can catch it at its best in a unique painting. Perhaps you have a vacation home or getaway in just the perfect setting. Why not have a painting of it to remind you when you’re away. Or, maybe someone you know has just acquired a special home or, for some reason, has had to leave it behind. Presenting them with a gift of a personal home portrait could be a perfect way of showing them you understand the importance of the event.

Whatever the reason, a personal home portrait preserves the memories of a special place for a lifetime and can be passed on as a lasting memento. My paintings are executed in pen and ink, pen and ink and watercolor, colored pencil or watercolor, with great attention to detail, realism and richness of color.

The procedure is simple. If the home is nearby I can visit the site and take photos, as well as meet with you to discuss your special needs. If the home is some distance away, we can discuss a visit if you so desire, or if a visit is impractical or unnecessary, you can send photos and descriptive information. I will present to you a preliminary sketch for your approval and comments. Upon approval a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. Completion of the portrait can take from 2 to 3 months. Upon final approval and acceptance of the portrait, the balance is due. If you desire I can mat the final piece.

I can also provide you with notecards and prints.

If you are interested in having a personal home or garden portrait please contact me by phone, email or comments on this website. I’ll be happy to discuss your needs.

Your interests may well extend beyond personal or home portraits. Whether, Portrait, Home Portrait or general commission questions, or any other information, please contact me with your ideas.