Work In Progress: Update 1, Board of Directors Meeting

Work In Progress: Update 1, Board of Directors Meeting (Pelicans)

            Recently, one of my students shared with me some very interesting photos she had taken while on a trip to Cedar Key, Florida. Although I had just finished a painting of pelicans, one photo in particular caught my interest and got me excited. It was a shot of a bunch of pelicans gathered on a dock. My impression was of a gathering of important members of an organization, standing around, conversing, just before being called to order. They were discussing informally matters that would be taken up formally in a few moments.    It might be a board of directors meeting.

Well, anyway, the gathering of pelicans on a dock seemed like a wonderful subject for a painting.

The original photo contained a longer expanse of pelicans, so I looked through it to see what section I liked the most. Once I picked out the grouping I wanted to include in the painting, I cropped it and saved it. The photos shown here is the original photo and the cropped portion I’m going to use for the painting.

Next, I’ll discuss the preliminary composition.



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