Work In Progress: Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Work in Progress: Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Update 1

A few years ago, for our 25th anniversary, my wife and I took a trip to the northwest US and Canada – Washington state and British Columbia. The scenery is phenomenal – towering mountains, huge stands of Douglas Fir, mist enshrouded lakes of azure, thunderous waves breaking on rocky shores. We traveled throughout the region and took more than a thousand photos. There were beautiful landscapes everywhere we looked.

Ruby Beach was one spot we visited. It’s located on the southwest coast of the Olympic Peninsula, and is one of the most well known and visited beaches along the Pacific coast. It gets its name from the reddish sand that sometimes gathers on the beach. The beach catches a large amount of driftwood, which only adds to the picturesque nature of the area. The iconic sea stacks that dot the shoreline make this beach perfect for a painting. The morning we visited the beach mist was still hanging just above the waves rolling in off the Pacific. For us, and the other people who walked the shoreline that morning, it was a picture out of a wonderful fantasy.

While looking through the images from that day I came across a number of them that I felt would make a wonderful painting. I cropped a few of them in a variety of ways to get different views. On closer notice I found one that caught a group of people walking the beach, backlit by sunlit mist, and I zoomed in on that group a bit. They would provide a great focal point for the painting.

I haven’t made any final decisions on the layout – or the medium – yet. I’ll discuss more of that in my next update. Included here are a few potential compositions.


IMG_2385d Update 1          IMG_2385g Update 1

IMG_2385d Update 1

Featured Artist – SOBO Gallery, Winter Garden, Florida

I want to express my appreciation to the Winter Garden Art Association for choosing me as the Featured Artist for their April Exhibition “Our Beautiful Earth”. The theme for the exhibition, which is being held at the historic SOBO Gallery in downtown Winter Garden, is “a celebration of nature and our beautiful earth”. I will have my latest painting “Withlacoochee Flight” on display there for the month. You can get further information about the Exhibition and the Winter Garden Art Association from their website Winter Garden Art Association. There will also be a reception from 5:30 to 8 pm to meet all the artists.



Work In Progress: Raine, Update 7

Work In Progress: Raine, Update 7

Here is the completed Portrait of Raine. I made some adjustments and refinements in the painting. The area under the chin was darkened a little bit. I also made some small adjustments in the eyes, the width and size of the pupils. Small adjustments to the mouth. Also finished up the shirt. I purposely did not do a lot of detail work on the clothing, as I wanted to keep the emphasis on the face.


I found through the last two paintings that I like pastels very much and I probably will continue to work with pastels, especially pastel pencils more. It is a fabulous medium.

IMG_2144 Raine Update 7